Drink Distinct Every occasion reveals itself differently – depending on the time, place and even your mood. Perhaps you want to relax with a favorite book. Take a quick break from a busy day. Or celebrate with friends on the weekend. Quite simply, there are instances when you want something more interesting.  More enjoyable.  More out of the ordinary.  JOIA All Natural Soda was created for these kinds of moments.

With its tantalizing combination of fruits, herbs and spices that create layers of intensely fresh flavor, JOIA refreshes your day. So even the ordinary can be a bit more extraordinary. Isn’t it time to Drink Distinct?

Fun Ideas

Fun Ideas GlassBeing creative is who we are.  Try these fun smoothies, punches and other recipes.  Indulge in your creative side!

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Mix It Up

Mix It Up GlassJOIA tastes great alone, but it’s also a great mixer.  Be creative with JOIA at home to mix your own concoctions and cocktails or try these great recipes for your enjoyment.

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