Joia, All Natural Soda. An intensely fresh-tasting product from Boundary Waters Brands.

Our Story

JOIA started over a dinner with great friends. After years of creating his own sparkling drink concoctions, Bob, our founder, observed all of the interesting cocktail combinations of fruits, herbs and spices that were being offered and the question arose: why isn’t anyone doing something this interesting with sodas? 

Friends were consulted. A mixologist joined the team and before long, a company was launched – Boundary Water Brands. Long hours were spent tasting and refining. All in all, over one hundred recipes, each made from scratch, and all made with natural ingredients, were tested with friends and family before narrowing down to four varieties. Without exception everyone loved them, and the joy of our creations is succinctly expressed in our name – JOIA. 

We are committed to delivering exceptionally refreshing, distinctly flavored beverages that bring joy and celebrate life. Of course, we hope you will ‘share the JOIA’ with friends. It’s where our inspiration began.

Drink Distinct.

Special Thanks

We’d like to especially thank our partners for all their great work and efforts in helping us bring JOIA All Natural Soda to life. Jeff, Lucas, Steve, Lindsey and everyone else at Spunk Design Machine for their great design. Courtney Remes at Arrowplane for helping advise and build this great website. Kate Ratliff and Cory Pierce for helping turn our recipes to reality. Pat Shriver at Fafinski Mark & Johnson for all our legal help, Mary Haugen for help with our public relations efforts and Tom Rosen for helping write all the great copy for Joia.

Additional thanks to a slew of wonderful people including Roxann Goertz, Pat Cameron and Kate Richardson for branding and research advice. Chris Bonhoff for his photography. Jordan Lynn Peterson for advising us on digital efforts. Brad McMahon for business advice and his many contacts. Nils Ytterbo for his financial expertise. Heidi Brown for sourcing some of our great ingredients, and Jo-Anne Ebensteiner for naming and graphics help.

The list goes on. Paul Engebretson for production help. Bruce McDermott for hand delivering lime juice in the pinch. Joe Herron of Crispin Cider and the entire team at Fox Barrel. And then all of our other friends who encouraged, tasted and gave us their thoughts along the way. Lastly, thanks to Sabin Ephrem, Chris Staley and Jeremy Langevin of Horizontal Integration for providing us with temporary digs and to John Livingston for his help in finding our new office.