How do I put Travelling on my CV?


How do I put Travelling on my CV?

Where you place abroad experience on your rsum is just as important as what you include. If your travel experiences are directly related to the job you’re applying for or your education by all means, include them in the main body of your rsum.

How do I make my CV unique?

7 Simple But Effective Ways to Make Your CV Stand OutStart strong. Start with a summary of your skills and key accomplishments. Emphasize results rather than responsibilities. Customize for the job you want. Highlight changes and growth. Demonstrate that you are connected. Show industry insight. Use power words.

Do you put courses on CV?

Relevant coursework is an optional entry-level resume section that includes coursework you’ve completed related to the job you’re applying to. If you are a student or have just graduated, relevant coursework is a good way to demonstrate your expertise even if you don’t yet have professional experience.

Should I include GPA in CV?

While there’s no clear-cut rule that dictates when to include your GPA, most career experts say to only keep it on a resume if it’s over 3.5.