Should I do homework or make?


Should I do homework or make?

Without further ado, the correct verb to use with homework is do, not make: correct I did my homework yesterday. wrong I made my homework yesterday.

What is the Spanish word for to?

In some contexts, the English translation of “to” is contained in the Spanish infinitive: Quiero ir a la tienda — I want to go to the store. ( ir = to go) Quiero comprar leche a la tienda — I want to buy milk at the store (comprar = to buy) (“a” can also be translated as “at”)

What does Mija mean?

my daughter

What is Spanish word for girl?

girl noun. girls. chica, muchacha; novia; hija.

What is a beautiful woman called?

In practice the term bijin means “beautiful woman” because the first kanji character, bi (美), has a feminine connotation. People who are called a bijin are usually considered beautiful, charming and harmonious women who wear pretty clothes.

How do you say beautiful girl?

TO A WOMANYou’re very beautiful!You’re very pretty!You look as pretty as always!You’re so adorable!You look drop dead gorgeous!You have the most beautiful eyes! (or another feature that you like e.g. smile, nose, lips etc.)You have the most beautiful smile!You have the most beautiful lips!

What does Mamacita mean?

little mother

What is a papasito?

masculine noun. 1. ( colloquial) (attractive man) (Latin America) a. handsome.

What’s the meaning of Papi Chulo?

pimp daddy

What does Sita mean in English?

Meaning & History Means “furrow” in Sanskrit. Sita is the name of the Hindu goddess of the harvest in the Rigveda. This is also the name of the wife of Rama (and an avatar of Lakshmi) in the Hindu epic the Ramayana. In this story Sita is rescued by her husband from the demon king Ravana.

What do Bonita mean?

Bonita is a feminine given name as well as a word meaning “pretty, cute” in Spanish and Portuguese.

Is Sita a male or female name?

Sita (Sanskrit: सीता; IAST: Sītā, Sanskrit pronunciation: [ˈsiːtaː]) is the central female character and one of the central figures in the Hindu epic, Ramayana and its other versions.

Who owns Sita?

air transport industry

How did Sita die?

Even after Sita has been saved from her abduction by the demon king Ravana, her life with Rama is not blissful. Instead, Rama continues to suspect that they baby she carries was fathered by Ravana. When Rama finds a sketch of Ravana that Sita has drawn, tricked by a demon, he orders Sita taken and killed.

Who created Sita?

King Janaka

How old was Sita?

Conclusion age of Rama was 25 and Sita was 19 years old at the time of marriage. According to Valmiki Ramaya, Lord Rama was 12 and Sita was 6.

Is Sita elder than Rama?

Originally Answered: According to ramayana who is older Rama or sita? Ram was 6 years younger to Sita as per the Real Ramayana written by Valmiki. Ram was 6 years younger to Sita as per the Real Ramayana written by Valmiki.

Did Urmila slept for 14 years?

#1 She never quit during tough times To which, she agreed on the condition that somebody will have to take his place and sleep for 14 years. He suggested his wife’s name. And it is said that while Ram, Sita and Lakshman were on vanvaas, Urmila slept for 14 years so her husband could stay awake and protect his family.