The Relevance of the Cover Letter for Students and Experienced Professionals


Every student is concerned about the recruitment procedure and it is in the interests of everyone to position themselves as a worthy employee. A cover letter cannot be the guarantor of your admission to work, but it is the central component that forms your image in the eyes of the employer. In most cases, people prefer to ignore the writing of a cover letter, because they are confident that resume is a much more significant element of their career development. But the cover letter is your guide to the interview. Special difficulties are faced by students with no work experience applying for status jobs.

The essence of the cover letter

First, you need to figure out what the cover letter is.

A cover letter is a rich addition to your resume, allowing your employer to become more familiar with your qualifications and work experience. It is a rich addition to your resume, allowing your employer to become more familiar with your qualifications and work experience. Your invitation to the interview depends on how well written the letter is.

Major cover letter mistakes

Unfortunately, many inexperienced students make a number of mistakes when writing a cover letter, which limits their ability to get the desired job. Professional cover letter writers never make the following mistakes:

  1. Excessive emphasis on yourself.

You should not write about how well you can cook charlotte if you plan to get a secretary in a transnational company. The potential employer should know what you can give, first of all, to the company and what your contribution to its activities will be. A good addition can be, for example, knowledge of several foreign languages.

  1. Too voluminous cover letter

Despite the fact that you have much more positive qualities that can hold the sheet of paper, you should not abuse your superiority.

  1. Rephrasing resume

Try to avoid iterations. A resume is also a weighty document with enough information about you as an employee. Do not repeat.

  1. Illiteracy and typos

Banality and grammatical errors mainly affect perception. Check your cover letter for typos several times.

Cover Letter Structure

Regardless of the grandeur of your imagination, do not forget about the plan for writing the accompanying article. Many students are interested in a universal recruitment formula with and without experience. A cover letter, in this case, can play a crucial role

  1. Observe subordination and adhere to the formal style of writing letters;
  2. Be professional and concise, so that the employer understands that he is not dealing with an ordinary student with no work experience, but with a professional in his field who pretends to a decent position;
  3. Emphasize your desire to work in this company. Let the potential employer understand that you are interested in working with him, and not with someone else;
  4. Observe structure, paragraph division (introduction, main part, conclusion) and business style of writing;
  5. Argue the listed advantages and qualifications with facts (For example, participation in student organizations to work with the public, called [Name of the organization]);
  6. Enter in the letter your personal data for communication – phone number, email address.

Avoiding errors and following the structure will become your guarantors for an invitation to an interview.